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“If it can’t be done, go see Byron. He will find a way.”

A valued word of praise from one of our wholesalers.

Byron’s Plumbing has been an established name in plumbing services for over 30 years. Started in the year 1980, we have always aimed to provide the highest standard of assistance to all our clients by simply going that one extra mile.

We do things a little differently around here”, owner and President Byron McNeely says. “One time, wholesaler had talked to a customer that had a problem. All the companies he called told him that it couldn’t be done. The wholesaler recommended us. We try and accommodate all our customers. In this case, it was supplying air conditioning to a two-story house that had only slab heating and no ducting. But, we found a way to make it work.”

Calgary Hot Water Tank Specialist is an extension of Byron’s Plumbing that exclusively deals with hot water services. There are no projects too big or too small for our proficient Hot Water Tank Specialists – we can handle it all. With a qualified and trained in-house staff of experts, we have the experience and knowledge to handle any and every requirement. Be it installing a water heater at your home or fixing the broken boiler at the office, Calgary Hot Water Tank Specialist is there to help you.

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Here’s a quick glossary of facts about Byron’s Plumbing to help you understand the expertise behind Calgary Hot Water Tank Specialist better:

  • Our President Byron McNeely has been in the plumbing service for almost 30 years
  • Our service has designed exclusive domestic systems that utilize rain water
  • Byron’s Plumbing is also one of the foremost services with an expertise in Hydronic Heating in Calgary
  • Byron himself is a proud holder of over 25 tickets and certifications
  • Between our 3 estimators, our combined team has an experience of over 60 years!
  • Byron’s Plumbing has been featured in the 2008 Winter issue of Building & Construction Canada.

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