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Boiler Maintenance

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A simple boiler is a big, closed vessel that not necessarily boils but heats water and other fluids. The ideal size for a boiler is one that copes adequately even on the coldest day of the year. If the boiler is oversized, your fuel bills will be excessive. If the boiler is undersized, it may not generate enough heat during winters. Today people are getting smarter and energy conservation and reducing their utility bill is a priority.

The best way to save large amounts of money is by having regular boiler maintenance check-ups. These regular check-ups help the boiler mechanism work efficiently and for a longer period of time. Proper operation and maintenance of your boiler and its distribution system can lower your energy bills. Keeping an eye on your boiler and maintaining it regularly can help you to identify the potential causes of future failures. Ignoring your boiler can lead to the need of expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient repairs.

At Byron’s Plumbing, we provide thorough inspection and maintenance services that ensure that your boiler stays in its best working state. Call us and give your boiler an annual servicing. The cost of doing so is likely lesser when compared to the amount you would otherwise have to spend on the unforeseen repairs.

What should you expect from our annual boiler servicing?

  • Checking and cleaning of all pipes and other components like the thermometers, pressure gauge, gauge glass,
  • low water cut-off devices, TPR valves, etc.
  • Functionality testing of all the components of the boiler
  • Inspecting adequate and right boiler insulation
  • Checking the flame of your boiler and ensuring it is blue in color. Yellow flame signals warning
  • Proper chemical treatment of boiler to reduce scale build-up
  • All the parts that are not working will be replaced with new ones

It is vital to keep your boiler well-checked and maintained as problems with boilers can grow bigger and lead to serious situations. Blocked air vents, poor ventilation, inadequate oxygen availability, less or no water in the boiler can lead to pressure problems, and improper functioning of the boiler mechanism. These problems can also grow dangerous and harm you and your family some day. As they say, ‘A dangerous boiler can kill’. Hence, it is important to get in touch with Byron’s Plumbing to ensure your boiler is safe, for itself and for people around it.

Apart from an annual servicing of your boiler, you can perform other boiler maintenance steps in order to extend the life of your boiler. Some other maintenance measures include:

  • Turn on the boiler for 10-15 minutes during the summer months. This is because boilers can seize up if they are not used regularly.
  • Check the boiler water level every fortnight. Boiler operating without water can lead to boiler damages and even dangerous accidents.
  • Lubricate boiler parts that are frequently in motion such as the fan and pumps for their smooth operation.
  • Flush and descale the boiler 1-2 times a year to remove dirt, grit, sediments, and lime-scale.
  • Lastly, keep the boiler and its visible components clean and dry.

You will not be able to do all of these tests without the help of a professional, on your own, if your correct knowledge and experience in boiler maintenance. Rather than identifying the problems or trying to fix them, there are chances you may worsen the situation. So, why take a risk? Call our boiler maintenance at 587-318-7020 for any kind of boiler maintenance assistance. Our professional plumbers will conduct a quick, visual as well as close and detailed inspection to identify any prevalent or potential signs of damage.

Professional inspection and maintenance are always better, safer, and less time-consuming than the DIY methods of maintenance.

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