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Water softeners

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Water stains on the bathtub, mineral deposits on the faucets, grey and drab clothes; all of these are the problems that arise due to hard water. Hard water can be described as water that has a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium and their carbonates. This water is not only harmful for your home appliances but also has a negative impact on your health. For homes that clearly face problems due to hard water, experts at Byron’s Plumbing recommend a water softener as an effective solution to this problem.

What are Water Softeners?

A water softener is a mechanical device that solves the problem of hard water at your home by the process of ion exchange. Hard water contains higher concentration of ions such as potassium and calcium which are abrasive and harder to ingest and use. A water softener exchanges these ions with sodium and potassium salts and makes it fitter for consumption.

Why Water Softeners?

A water softener has many benefits for your health and home. Soft water is better for your digestive system and makes your skin healthier. Hard water also corrodes the inner surfaces of your appliances reducing their life and leading to more plumbing leaks and disrepairs. Studies have shown that hard water deteriorates the smooth flow of water in your pipes causing showerheads to lose their optimum flow in just 18 months.

All other devices at your home including the water heater and the heating system also function better with soft water, needing fewer repairs and maintenance checks in the long term. It’s important to keep in mind that buying the right water softener is also a crucial step to improve the water quality at your home. Not all softeners fit the bill and deliver the desired performance. The reason can be incorrect capacity or faulty installation of the device. Plumbing experts at Byron’s plumbing ensure that you not only pick the right softener but it is also installed correctly.

Which Water Softener Should you Buy?

Buying the right water softener for your home is an important decision. You need to check for quality assurances as well as find the one that is ideally suited to your household requirements. It’s better to choose a water softener that filters as well as softens your water. This allows you to have soft water in your plumbing system which is free of dirt and contaminants, fit for consumption as well as other purposes.

You can also consider purchasing a water conditioner for your home. Water conditioner or salt-free systems alternate the chemical composition of your water and reduce the levels of chemicals and minerals in it. Salt-free softeners waste less water and cost less, although it’s advisable to consult a technician before purchasing one. Our qualified experts can help you select the right one for your home and make the process of installation and maintenance a breeze.

How to Maintain your Water Softener?

  • Any device works better and lasts longer with regular upkeep. Your water softener is no exception.
  • Here are a few tips to keep in mind regarding its maintenance:
  • Check the salt levels regularly
  • Don’t forget to add the salts timely
  • Purchase the right type of salts
  • Keep the tank clean

Also keep in mind to get regular maintenance checks for your device to ensure it is working smoothly. You can schedule a yearly inspection with our plumbing services to make sure all your water expending appliances including your softener is in perfect working order.

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