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Water softeners purify and soften the hard water at your home making it healthier for consumption. Hard water is rich in ions such as calcium and magnesium which makes it abrasive and difficult for use. A good water softener moderates the water supply in your pipes by replacing these ions with salts of mostly sodium and potassium. This increases the life of your appliances and makes the water healthier for your gut and skin.

However, it’s important to buy the right water softener for your home. A good softener also disinfects the water and rids it of unpleasant odors. Waterboss model 950 can be an ideal addition for most homes. Compact and efficient, it can soften up to 35 grains per gallon and also purify the water off chlorine. Although it’s important to make sure it is installed right. Our experts take this hassle from you and ensure the Waterboss works perfectly.

Here are a few reasons Waterboss Model 950 is a useful addition to every home:

  • It features a mixed media bed that acts as a chlorine filter.
  • It also functions as a drinking water filter due to its chlorine reduction screen.
  • Due to its optimal capacity, it acts as a softener for the entire house.
  • There are no hassles needed for cartridge changes as it hosts a whole-house, in-built cleansing unit.
  • Its unique system helps in improving your water quality.
  • It is manufactured in USA.

The Waterboss Model 950 uses only 15 gallons of water and takes a short time of 19 minutes for regeneration. It needs 2.5 pounds of salt as well.

There are many benefits of installing Waterboss model 950 water softener. Here’s a look at a few key ones:

  • Soft water is a dream to clean and wash with. This means shiny glassware, silverware and stain free window panes and floors.
  • Clothes washed with soft water are cleaner and softer. They are also free of hard mineral particles caught in the fibers which increases their lifecycle.
  • Soft water is healthier for your skin and hair.
  • All your appliances work better with tempered water, increasing their life and efficiency.
  • Smoothly functioning appliances mean lower repair and utility costs.

An effective water softener increases the quality of water in your home, improving the cleanliness and efficiency of your drainage system. Therefore, it’s important to purchase the right one. Our qualified experts at Byron’s Plumbing can help you choose and install the softener perfect for your requirements effortlessly.
Cost: $1900 + GST

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